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Navigating Residential Real Estate

November 29th, 2013

Every day, millions of homes across the nation are listed on the residential real estate market for sale. The average person looking to purchase a home may feel a bit anxious when looking through all of the homes listed as available. For many home buyers, navigating the realm of residential real estate may seem like an overwhelming process. However, with patience, perseverance, and by following a few simple steps, home buyers may have an easier time with this process.

The first step when looking for residential real estate should be to determine what your ideal price range is. While many people feel they are ready to purchase a new home, they have to realize the total financial obligations or investments that go along with this. While home buyers may think they have enough money to complete a home buying purchase, they have to consider home inspections, closing costs, any renovations a home may need down the line, the cost of a mortgage, any taxes, and finally any Home Owner Association (HOA) fees. These fees will raise the cost of home ownership substantially.

The next step is to hire a licensed real estate agent like the ones you can find at Cary Real Estate Homes For Sale. While considering completing the home buying process alone may seem like one will save some money, licensed real estate agents are more equipped to handle the home search process. With the help of a licensed real estate agent, not only will one be able to find homes within their price ranges, they will also be able to schedule viewings of said homes, compare different homes in different areas, and finally have someone communicate with other real estate agents with regards to pricing, repairs, negotiations, and finally the purchase of a home.

Staging Your Home To Sell

October 1st, 2013

One of the most important things you can do to sell your home is to prepare it to be sold. Staging is a way for you to get your home ready for potential buyers and will go a long way in putting you ahead of your competition. It’s important to start with the outside of your home better known as curb appeal. You will want your home to be clean and kept up on the outside. Make sure trees and bushes are trimmed and that there is no trash in the yard. Fresh paint on the outside or having the siding cleaned is always a plus. The thing here is that you will need to get the potential buyers to stop first and like the way the outside looks. If they don’t like the outside of your home it will be difficult to get them into the inside of the home. Make sure you have a very welcoming entrance with plants or flowers in bloom and of course make sure the grass is cut.

Once inside the home you will want your home to very welcoming, neat and clutter free. You want the people to feel like they want to live here and can see themselves in the home of there dreams. Sometimes homes carry an odor which the home owner has gotten used to so be sure to spruce up the smell with candles or with fresh scents. Don’t over do it here since people will think you are trying to cover up something. If you have kids you probably have to keep the house constantly patrolled for items on the floor or are constantly trying to keep the bedrooms clean. Before a showing pay close attention to those areas that are prone to be messy and tidy up the house. People want to start out fresh without clutter and your mess can be a deterrent to their purchase. If you need help with your staging contact Chapel Hill Real Estate Experts Team Jodi.

High Rates of Settlement Delays

June 12th, 2013

What’s behind the unusually high rate of contract cancellations and settlement delays in the real estate market? With signs of recovery emerging in many parts of the country, shouldn’t deals be zipping along with minimal complications?

Apparently not. Nearly one-third of realty agents in a new national survey reported experiencing contract cancellations — purchases crumbling before closing — in February. That’s up dramatically from a similar poll 12 months earlier, when just 9% of agents reported cancellations. An additional 18% reported delays in scheduled closings in the latest study, which involved about 3,000 agents surveyed by the National Assn. of Realtors. If you have questions about Chapel Hill Real Estate check out

The high reported cancellation rate (31%) doesn’t mean that nearly 1 of every 3 escrows is falling apart, according to the association, but rather that more than triple the number of agents and their clients are running into deal-endangering problems compared with 2011. If you are a potential buyer or seller in an otherwise improving marketplace, you need to be aware of the issues that are hampering sales and be prepared in advance to deal with some of the most prominent.

Appraisals below contract
You may assume that the true market value of a house is what a seller and buyer agree to in a binding contract, but it’s not. The appraiser hired by the bank may come up with a different opinion of value, significantly below what was agreed on by the parties. This is occurring with far greater frequency today than in previous years. Part of the problem is the excessive use of price-depressed foreclosure sales chosen as “comparables” to value non-distressed houses under pending contracts. But some appraisers are inexperienced and unfamiliar with local pricing trends.

Ultra-conservative underwriting and documentation requirements.
It’s no longer just towering credit score minimums, hefty down payments and mind-bending paperwork submissions that get mortgage applicants turned down. “It’s a lot of other stuff too,” said Melissa Zavala, broker and owner of Broadpoint Properties in Escondido. Increasingly she’s been running into regulatory hoops and restrictive underwriting rules at the Federal Housing Administration, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac that knock signed contracts off the tracks or at least delay them for months.

Poor service by lender staff. Agents in the survey identified “lack of customer service” and “generally bad attitudes” as contributing factors to delays and some contract failures. But Zavala said realty agents themselves need to be on the ball when loan processing deadlines begin to slip or communication breaks down with lenders.

Victory Energy Economizer

May 17th, 2013

One of the coolest things in the steam industry is the economizer. The boiler economizer is a heat recovery system that actually recovers the heat from the boiler before it is exhausted out the stack. Once it captures that heat it is then filtered back into the boiler so that the heat being recovered actually helps the boiler so that it doesn’t have to produce as much heat originally. The added heat allows the boiler to not have to work as hard since it is using the re-routed supplemental heat from the stack. This saves a lot of money. Why just blow the heat out the stack when you could recover some of it and put it back into the process. Natural gas is used primarily as a fuel source for the boiler to get it’s heat from. With the recovery process the boiler does not have to use as much natural gas equating to a huge savings over time. It’s important to know that you don’t always have to use an economizer but it certainly makes sense if your application calls for it. There are also different sizes of economizers since there are also different sizes of boilers. Each one serves a purpose in your overall production process so it is wise to gain the knowledge of the engineers to help you understand what you need in relation to your facility and your production measures. The guys at Victory Energy are very knowledgeable when it comes to boilers and economizers and they can help you sort out any issues that you are facing. Their economizers also have a small footprint allowing for larger units in small spaces. There are always restraints to some processes so give the guys at Victory a call so they can help you walk through your needs and get you the right unit for the right job. They also have all the extra equipment you may need to complete your boiler island, so you don’t have to worry about going to different places to get all of your supplies. You can get them all in a one source manufacturer.

Real Estate In North Carolina

April 5th, 2013

North Carolina has some of the prettiest landscape in our country. So many people enjoy going to North Carolina and living there because of the beauty. It’s one of those places that seem to offer the outdoor tranquility that people long for in a place to settle down. It’s important that if you are trying to purchase a home there that you find a good realtor like Team Jodi that sells Chapel Hill Real Estate and offers buying and selling services for Durham and Raleigh as well. They even have branches that service Cary and Apex North Carolina. The process can be just too complicated to go after it yourself so find a good representative can go along way in helping you get the deal you want.

If you are trying to sell your home then it would be a good idea to get some tips. One of the first things you will want to do is clean up the place on the outside. This is called “Curb Appeal” and if you can’t get the buyer through the front door you can’t sell the house. Put up some nice landscaping and clean up the yard. Add some flowers around the entry to make it look welcoming. Also on the inside you want the house to smell nice and clean. Dont have a bunch of clutter around the inside of the house. People will think you dont’ know how to take care of things, including the home. Nobody want to purchase a home that hasn’t been maintained or taken care of properly. Any way enjoy North Carolina since it has wonderful places to live and settle down. Enjoy the mountains or the beach since it has both.

Firetube Boilers vs. Heat Recovery Steam Generators

August 25th, 2011

Some people may say that a boiler is a boiler, but there are many differences in boilers and choosing the right boiler for your application is critical to providing the power you need to fuel your factory or business. Some of the different type of boilers include firetube boilers and heat recovery steam generators. The difference between a firetube boiler and hrsg’s is quite substantial. Heat recovery steam generators actually recover the heat as it passes through the boiler system, which then can be transferred back into the process for other uses. This can save a lot of money since you are not wasting all that heat by blowing out the stack. Heat recovery steam generators are great for process plants and facilities that need to use heat for secondary purposes and have the footprint to allow for a heat recovery unit.

Firetube boilers generally smaller with pressures around 150 to 600 psig and are great for smaller footprint places such as food processing plants. You can get HP between 200 to 2500, so some of these firetubes could get quite large. The Victory Energy firetube boiler is engineered and built for minimum maintenance and maximum output. They can help determine needs for specific facilities depending on the application and budget constraints. You can get firetube boilers in a number of different passes, for example a three pass boiler or a four pass boiler. The number of passes represents the number of time the fire actually passes through the tubes of the boiler. Firetube boilers have fire passing through where as a heat recovery steam generator usually have water passing through the tubes.

Also heat recovery boilers do just that… they recover heat and are not considered package boilers, where there is usually a burner attached. Firetube boilers usually come with a burner attached so they have there own heat source. Heat recovery units recover heat that is supplied by another fired unit. The Victory Energy hrsg is one of the most flexible, cost effective and technologically advanced units on the market. Their proprietary fintube design allows them to manufacture their boilers with the smallest footprint in the industry which greatly reduces radiant heat loss to contain energy costs. If you are in need of a firetube boiler or a heat recovery steam generator you should give Victory Energy a call.

Debt Relief

August 19th, 2011

There are many avenues to choose when it comes to debt relief. Debt settlement or relief is an certainly an option for individuals who still continue to earn a consistent income, though are having difficulties paying off their bills. With the amount of help available there is no reason not to have some assistance and guidance to the help you need. In many cases debt settlement allows a person who is behind in their bills to pay 30-60% of the total balance due, though the actual time frame to pay off the debts varies. In some cases you may need to see a bankruptcy attorney to get the help you need to handle the debt relief and offer you some additional options. 

In some cases debt settlement companies may require you to make a payment up front of the entire debt settlement amount; and others would negotiate a smaller amount, but more consistent payments. In cases like these it usually takes 24-48 months before the debt is completely settled. It may seem like a long road to recovery but it will be well worth it. Debt has many negative effects, and these effects are not only financial, but can lead to much worse situations like for example effecting your health. Due to stress that comes with paying off debt, adverse health issues can be the result. It’s never a good thing having to worry about your finances. If you are in need of financial assistance, find the help you need to get the relief you need. Once it is over I am sure you will be glad you did.

Another good thing about debt relief agencies is that they will handle the payments to your creditors for you, so all you have to do is pay them on a regular basis and then they will make the payments to the creditors. They act as a buffer for you to make paying off your debts easier. Don’t let the creditors hassle you, let them handle the creditors for you. 

Scottsdale Financial Help

August 9th, 2011

There are times when financial hardship is just unavoidable, even in affluent communities such as Scottsdale Arizona. The market has taken hits, even with a few bright spots like Apple, Google, and Amazon showing signs of growth, there still is uncertainty within the hearts of the general public. So many Americans are trying to find what is right to do with there money, or desperately trying to find ways to gain more. America is at a crossroads and it is difficult to see if there will be any good options to help our crippling economy. Many businesses in affluent areas are struggling, just like ones in rural America. Things are not as they used to be and lending from banking institutions is not as easy or welcomed as they were years ago. What is someone to do in an economy like ours, and where the job market seems out of control.

Even new graduates our wondering how things will be for them. Each year graduating classes try to secure jobs and begin to plan their future. With the unemployment rate the way that it is, students may find it difficult to secure that job they worked so hard to obtain. Times of adversity always make way for reinventions and maybe it’s time for the up and comers to reinvent the way we do business or the way we organize our finances. Those in Scottsdale who need financial help can call to get more information from seasoned attorneys and get the advice they need to succeed. Sometimes we just need to humble ourselves and ask for help. It may be the best thing we will ever do. There are laws and things that the individual may not have the knowledge of and asking the right person may actually provide the knowledge to start over with the right game plan. Scottsdale like any other community needs help and law offices of Barksi and Drake are there to help. 

Housing Markets and What To Do

August 8th, 2011

With the change of the economy and the housing market crisis there comes the feeling that America is in a tail spin and there may not be any hope. What are people to do when the housing markets are plunging and it doesn’t seem like there is anything remotely in the works for change. I don’t think anyone has the answers to this crisis though many seem to think they have a solution. Local government and our federal government has been implementing initiatives to change the outcome of the crisis, but nothing seems to be creating the optimism that they believe is needed. Most of this seems to always come back to the unemployment rate and the amount of jobs people are acquiring. Granted that when you feel secure in your job you will tend to spend more, thus fueling the economy.

So what if you have a home and you want to sell it. Is now a good time to do it? This is a good question and the answer depends on you and your desires. If your home is on the market and you feel comfortable with the price that it is valued at then maybe you can take the risk and try to sell. If you don’t get the price you need you can always take it off the market and try again at another time. If you are looking to make money on your home, then you may be in for a long road depending on what your purchase price was and what you are trying to sell it for. If you bought at a good low price you would probably have a good chance in making money off your sale.  The bottom line is, you need someone that knows how to sell your home or help you answer questions regarding this current market. If you live in the Palm Springs area or are looking for assistance for homes in Palm Springs then visit for assistance in your home selling or buying decisions.

File Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

July 19th, 2011

There may come a time in your life that you just can’t keep up with the bills. With our economy the way it has been there have been many stories of economic hardship and trying to keep up payments on cars, homes, boats or what have you. No one ever plans on going so far into debt that they find themselves unable to pay all the money back. When that unfortunate time comes there are options to consider. Filing for bankruptcy is certainly one of them and this is where things can get confusing. There are different filings and one of those that you may consider is called Chapter 13.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a good option if you intend to pay the debt back over time and want to reinstate the debt. Determining if this is the right option for you would come from the advice of a good bankruptcy attorney. If you live in Arizona you may want to try as your attorney consultants. Having the advice of a good attorney can help you determine which steps to take and how to make the most of a bad situation. Also Chapter 13 is the only option if you have previously filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy in the last eight years. You may also consider chapter 13 if a large part of your debt is tax related. Another good reason to seek out a certifiable bankruptcy attorney and if you are considering Arizona Chapter 13 Bankruptcy, then the law offices of Barski and Drake is who you want to call. Making the right decision on your financial future can be very difficult, especially in these uncertain economic times.

If you find yourself in this situation, don’t worry about it, but seek out help and get the right answers from the right people. Before you know it you will be back on your feet and in a much better state of mind and financial situation. 

Steam Energy On The Move

May 18th, 2011

Many equate steam energy with the phrase package boiler, and rightfully so. The package boiler has been around for many years since the middle of the twentieth century. Prior to this time period boilers were delivered just as a pressure vessel and after that had to be fitted with the accessory equipment. Now ad days boilers are shipped with most components already installed on the units as a package, thus the name. This makes it much easier for industry sites to quickly and more efficiently install the boilers, plus it eliminates the hassle of utilizing multiple vendors in the boiler process. Using a single source supplier is always better since you no longer have to play the blame game and jump from one vendor to the other trying to figure out who is at fault or who is responsible for what.

A package boiler is mainly a water tube boiler with capacities ranging from 10,000 pph up to 500,000 pph and use natural gas or oil for fuel. These boilers also require less fuel and electric power which is efficient for use in manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills, food industries, and refineries. There are many package boilers to choose from but Victory Energy makes the best you can by. Victory Energy’s Voyager and Discovery Series boilers are water tube boilers that are manufactured in Collinsville, Ok at their state of the art facilities. Clean and well organized are the boiler manufacturing facilities at Victory Energy. They take pride in what the do and it shows in the products they produce.

They also produce a full line of accessory equipment to compliment your boiler needs. They are a true single source supplier of boiler related equipment, components and engineering. If you are in need of a boiler Victory Energy has the solution. With varying capacities and product lines there is no application that they can’t handle and are not capable of creating a solution for. 

Beach Photography

April 25th, 2011

One of the great things about Gulf Shores and Orange Beach Alabama is the beautiful beaches. White sand and a warm gulf breeze makes these areas a wonderful place to visit or live. Among the great things to do while down on the Alabama Gulf Coast one thing in particular will sure to please and have lasting memories to go with it. Family beach photos are a great thing to do while at the beach. The best time to get that coveted family portrait is just before sunset. This time offers the warm glows of the sun without that harsh light that can ruin the best of photo opportunities. Time will be precious though, since the sunset won’t last and darkness will fall pretty quickly.

You will need an experience photographer to capture those special moments before it gets too late. One thing you don’t want is for you to take all the time to get the family dressed and ready for the shoot and have a photographer wasting time and never gets the best light. If your down on the alabama coast and you want great photos, you need to give a call. Pavel Photography is experienced and can give you the lasting memories you will enjoy for a lifetime. These moments don’t come around very often and it pays to have a great photographer you can trust. Don’t trust your memories to just anyone. Let Pavel Photography help you with picking the right location and time for just exactly what you are looking for. Pavel also offers photography for portraits, interiors, stills, and weddings. If you choose Pavel Photography you will be glad you did. They are your source for Gulf Shores Beach Photography and Orange Beach Wedding Photography. 

Boiler Manufacturer

April 25th, 2011

Victory Energy is a boiler manufacturer that specializes in a Watertube boilers and a Package boilers. Their watertube boiler offering is called the Voyager series and is the best built watertube boiler on the market. The Voyager series boilers are O-Type boilers and are engineered, designed and manufactured in one location at the Victory Energy headquarters located in Collinsville, Oklahoma.

Victory Energy got their start back in 1999, in a small town of Owasso Oklahoma and offered boiler services, parts and used boilers. Since then they have grown to be one of the top providers of boilers in the nation and was listed in Entrepreneur magazine as one of the top growth manufacturing companies. Not all boilers are the same and you will need to look close sometimes to really know the difference. One of the philosophies of Victory Energy is utilizing the 212 principle in everything they do. The 212 principle basically states that at 211 degrees water is hot and at 212 degrees it boils. With boiling water comes steam and with steam you can power a locomotive. It’s the one degree that makes the difference between hot water and an industrial revolution and its what makes Victory stand out among it’s competitors.

They apply the one degree in every facet of their business, from staff development to engineering, to manufacturing processes. If I was going to buy a boiler, the Victory Energy line of boilers is where I would go. 

WordPress Tutorials and Videos

March 19th, 2011

The famous WordPress blog platform is gaining in popularity not only as a blog platform but also as a website CMS platform. There are so many things you can do with WordPress that it almost doesn’t pay to have a customized website anymore. Don’t get me wrong there are situations where a full customized solution is necessary, but for most applications WordPress can do the trick.

There are some resources out there that will help you navigate the world of WordPress and one that you need to look at is This site helps you figure out all the basics and not so basics about operating a WordPress site. If you are out there looking to sharpen your WordPress Skills this is a great resource. They have WordPress video tutorials on topics such as how to seo your wordpress site, how to make posts, how to change out your favicon, adding new users, many videos about plugins and how to use them effectively, how to install Google Analytics to your blog or website, and a whole lot more.

WordPress is not just for blogging, which opens up so many opportunities for website innovation. Many realtors are making the transition to WordPress so that they reduce their monthly cost and with such a vibrant CMS, it meeds all of their needs. WordPress is also easy to use, though it is a good idea to get a little help along the way to help you maximize your effectiveness. WP Coaches can help with all of your WordPress needs. You wont have to read a WordPress manual with these guys. They give you videos that are easy to understand and follow. This is the kind of tutorial that makes learning easy.

If you are in the market to learn something new and WordPress in on your menu. Give a try. I believe you will be happy you did.

Homes in Augusta Georgia

February 25th, 2011

Housing is still on the decline with prices dropping on average 5% across the nation. There are some signs that the market is stabilizing but for most of us we would like to see the market recover instead of stabilize. It’s important to note that houses are still selling and there are a few things you can do to make yours sell better and faster. We have all heard the word “staging” and it’s time to put the staging to the test. Many of the homes on the market have not been staged properly and will not show as well when potential visitors come by for a visit.

Make sure the outside of your house is clean and neat and throw in some flowers in the visual path of the potential buyer. The entry should be welcoming and friendly and should entice the people to come in for a more detailed look. First impressions will go a long way in helping you sell your home. As you walk in the home make sure that it smells good and is free of clutter and kids toys. Keep the home warm and inviting and stage the house for those looking to be as though they were coming home.

Of course, you can’t forget the marketing. Make sure you use a realtor like Augusta Homes that has a real marketing strategy and has a track record of selling homes. If they are selling homes there must be a good reason. It is important for you to know that you don’t want to use a realtor that is just going to put your house on the market and leave it sitting there. You want to question the realtor on the marketing plan and make sure it included both local and internet advertising. If you do your homework, pick a good realtor and stage your home properly, you should do fine in selling your home for the price you need.

Homes in Westfield New Jersey

February 22nd, 2011

Let’s take a look:

The average list to sales ratio for Homes in Westfield New Jersey in January 2011 is 95.9%  The current inventory can best be described as mildly active.

Currently there are 41 sales pending in the market overall, leaving 107 listings still for sale.  The resulting pending ratio is 27.7% which sounds great, but let’s look closer.  Typically, a pending ratio indicates the supply and demand of the market.  A high ratio means that listings are in demand and quickly going to contract.  A low ratio means there are not enough qualified buyers for the existing supply.

Currently the $400K to $600K price  range has a relatively large inventory of properties pending sale.  The $400K to $600K price range has a relatively large inventory of properties for sale (currently 29 listings).  The average list price (or asking price) for all properties in Westfield is $757,248.

123 contracts have closed in the last 6 months with an average sold price of $721,893.  So breaking it down, the $600k to $800k price range contains the highest number of sold listings.  A total of 58 listings have expired in the last 6 months.  The $400K to $600K price range has the highest number of expired listing with 20 properties.  Listings may expire for many reasons such as being priced too high, inadequately marketed or the property being in poor condition.

Analysis of sold homes in Westfield for the last 6 months reveals an average sold price of $721,893 and 64 days on the market.  However, it would appear that properties in the $1.0M to $1.2M price range have sold the quickest over the past 6 months.  Analysis of the overall absorption rate in Westfield indicate an inventory of 5.2 months based on the last 6 months of sales. 

The recent history of sales for the last 30 days shows the average sold price as $753,861 with an average Days on Market of 71 days.

Branding Ideas For Realtors

September 27th, 2010

Years ago it made perfect sense to brand yourself and to connect with your local community. Today it takes a more complicated approach that not only includes branding yourself for the local community but being highly visible to those outside your communities. Before the days of internet a realtor needed to be popular within the local community and to advertise consistently in local advertising channels such as newspapers and magazines. While all of that is still good to do today an much more broader approach needs to be realized. To learn about homes for sale and real estate in Chapel Hill visit 

One of the best ways to capitalize on a broader branding approach is using the internet effectively. Realtors need to know that the first thing they need is a website with great searching capabilities. People that are looking for homes want to search homes, not realtors. A website with easy search functions will go along way in keeping the prospective buyer on the site. If the home buyer continually uses the realtors site to search homes, then once they find a home that suits them they will call the number on the website giving the realtor a highly targeted lead.

Of course for potential buyers to find the a realtors website the website will need to be found. SEO is the best option for this and can really get your website to the forefront of the search engines. Whichever method you choose for your marketing and branding efforts, one thing is for sure. You will need to be found on the internet to capture today’s potential buyers. The days of the mom and pop realtor are slowly fading away. As the internet takes shape and grows, realtors will need to be creative and utilize the changing nature of the potential home buyer. You can learn more about the real estate market at Chapel Hill Realty

Possible Return of the Tax Credit

September 13th, 2010

News has surfaced about the idea of bringing back the home owners tax credit. The tax credit was great for new home owners and other reasons, but may have actually used up all of its juice for good use. If you would like to read more real estate news visit .The tax credit did spur the economy and helped many people, but once the credit was gone the housing market stopped moving forward. Many people saw the credit as an opportunity to buy, but it created inflated reports and sales numbers that could not be justified as a full blown market recovery. So should we bring back the credit? This will be debated and I am not so sure that it’s a good idea. I do agree with incentives, but it would be nice for the market to recover based on the employment rate getting back to where it’s supposed to be. There are so many variables in the housing market that I am not sure that the tax credit is the answer. It never was meant to be a long term solution, but in a bad economy everyone is looking for anything that offers them a little hope and help financially.

It’s good to see builders offering incentives to drive people in to purchasing newer homes, but that is not the long term answer either. Augusta Listing Expert has more on the real estate market. I am not sure that anyone has the long term answer, but one thing is for sure; when people are working and they have a sense of security with their income, they will spend more freely. This will carry over to larger purchases like homes, and vehicles. People, I believe are still a little gunshy on making these large purchases right now until they see the economy improve to where they are secure. Not sure when that will happen, but we can all hope for the best.

Slow Recovery For Real Estate

August 9th, 2010

It’s no question that the recovery of our economy is taking it’s time. Every sector seems to be slow to jump back up and act like normal. Everyone is so cautious about spending and that transcends over into real estate. Real estate is a big purchase and people are afraid to purchase big ticket items when the future seems uncertain. If you would like to know more about real estate in Chapel Hill please visit It will probably be a long time before we see the recovery that everyone is hoping for. There are some high points though in some real estate markets. Houses and condo pending sales in the greater Miami-South Dade area increased by close to 41 percent in the last year. Washington DC and much of Texas also saw an increase in pending sales, with the entire southern area showing an increase of around 3.7 percent.

So there is not all bad news to report. These numbers at least show us that there are changes taking place and for some that is all they need for them to be secure enough to go out and purchase again. If fact the Mortgage Bankers Association reported that application for new loans increased by 2 percent and FHA loan applications are up by 3 percent.

These are modest gains, but gains none the less. With the unemployment rate declining hope is being restored slowly. There is still a lot of skepticism out there about the future of our country, economy, and our lives. When people don’t feel secure there is not much freedom to spend and share. Insecurity makes people think inward and manifest in them holding on to things. The recovery is slow, but there are positive signs that are helping most to believe that we have suffered the worst. If this is true than you will see people feeling a little more free to get out of their shell and spend. Hopefully the recovery will be faster than expected. For information about Chapel Hill Real Estate and homes for sale visit Chapel Hill Realty.

The Process of Staging Your Home For Sale

July 28th, 2010

With the current real estate market the way that it is, it is imperative that one gain a competitive advantage. One of the ways to gain that upper hand on the market is to have your home staged and ready to show to prospective buyers. Staging involves a number of things, but simply is the process of presenting your home in a way that welcomes the prospective buyer with a vision of what the home could look like. It is important for your home to look and show well, and it is to this end that there are professional stagers that will come in (for a fee, of course) and decorate your home to increase the homes presentation abilities. You can find more about homes for sale in Chapel Hill at

Staging involves the look and feel of the home and has it’s main goal to create a warm and welcoming feeling to the potential buyer. We all remember the stories about the apple pies or cookies baking in the oven when the potential buyer comes to view the home. The sweet smell of the apple pie creates a very welcoming homey feel that aids in the comfort level of the buyer.

Landscaping and the cosmetic show of the outside of the house is a consideration as well as the inside. The outside of the house must be appealing, after all this is the first thing the buyer will see. If they can’t get past the outside it will be difficult to win them over completely. We have all heard the term "curb appeal’, and this is where the outside of the house has a look and feel that is appealing as you drive by. You would want the outside of the house to be so appealing that it tantalizes the potential buyer to see the inside. If the outside is welcoming and the inside is warm and friendly than you have a good combination to sell the home. These are just some thoughts on the staging of your home. Find more at and happy house selling!

California Market Recovery

July 27th, 2010

There are reports that the California housing market is leading the recovery for the entire nation concerning the housing market. Tax credits, incentives, supply and demand are all factors that may be contributing to the housing market in the Sunshine State. Reports are surfacing of 107% purchases, meaning that homes are being sold for more than the listing price by 7%.

Could this really be the end of the housing slump for California? Are the incentives really working or is this just smoke and mirrors? Since many of the major cities will be the forerunners to this, outlying cities like Tracy will get a good taste of what may come. We’ll have to watch Tracy real estate for sale for trends that may indicate similar reports. Many other states will be watching this so called recovery especially Florida who holds many of the top cold markets. Should other states follow California’s way of doing things, at least for the housing market? I think most will take a wait and see approach.

Whenever there are incentives or tax breaks, or when the government is handing out money, there is room for caution. Most things are not for free and the question needs to be asked if we are all going to pay for this someday, somehow. California is having financial issues and yet they can find ways to provide tax breaks. It’s great to be able to give away money as long as you have it to give. Time will tell whether or not the real estate market in California is really recovering or is just in a temporary spike. The Silveria Team specializes in Tracy CA and surrounding area real estate. Please visit our website for more info here